No Connection between ESP32 LoRa(V2) and Win10 per USB

I don’t get a connection between Win10 laptop and my ESP32 Lora (V2) board via USB. I successfully installed the board in the Arduino using the BoardManager. I have installed SiLabs CP2104 Driver. The board receives the power via USB and the display also shows the factory-installed test sketch. But the board cannot be found in the device manager under the COM ports. The ports are grayed out in the Arduino IDE. How is it with you Did I forget something or is the board defective? I would be very happy to receive help and suggestions.


Do you have this in device manager?

Yes, the ESP32 LoRa(V2) is in the List from BoardManager.

there is something wrong with your com ports.
You have 2 COM3 ports.
open 1 port in your device manager and change the com port number to another number

I have change arduino uno to com4.
Check, no improvement.

I have change USBSerial to com5.
Check, no improvement.

The ESP32 LoRa(V2) is not visible in the COM-Ports in the device manager.

Have you tried another usb cable?

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Insane. With the third cable it works!

good it work now.
I had many of those short cables that had only power connection