Newby Question Documentation

I am new to the Heltec Lora32 node. I have just managed to download the relevant library’s and get the examples (OTAA-OLED) working with Arduino IDE. I have a TTN gateway running and I see messages on the web.
BUT… i cannot find any basic documentation for an newby like me about how the commands work and where to change things. For instance: i want to send a message only every 30 minutes. Where do i change parmeters etc.
I have used:
Heltec Lorawan 1.0.2 OTAA excample and Downloaded most recent library’s library.
I would be very gratefull if somebody could tell me where I can find some basic documentations.

KInd regards

Hi @Henk_heltec

Here is our new document page:

I believe this document will make sense to you: