New release of AB02S-V2

hi guys,

Here to inform everyone.

As the Air530 module was discontinued, the AB02S-V1 was discontinued.We are making a new generation of AB02S, based on U-Blox chip, with better technical characteristics.

We have now completed the verification of the program and expect mass production in early February.

Sorry for the inconvenience。


Thats great!
The air530 works well, but its very power hungry, so its unsuitable for low power applications.

Please also consider adding an accelerometer like the mpu9250 (with interrupt hooked up) in order to wake the device on movement from sleep. If you also add some flash memory you will have created a very capable low power logger.

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Are these available yet? I need like 20 of them.

Any update? Early Feb has passed well. keeps showing “Out of stock”.


We plan to launch the new AB02S around March 20.

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Any news on the launch?


Already in mass production, we will relist on the official website in about 5 days


your website says the board is available again, but says noting about the update/UBLOX chip. If I order the board from your web shop today, will I get the new UBLOX version or the old Air530 one?


Recent schematics file dated by Feb 22 has Air530 GNSS module still.

I assume that the Air530 (based upon deprecated GK9501 chipset) has been superseded by Air530Z (based upon AT65XX chipset) .
These modules are pin-to-pin compatible:

The Arduino Core for CubeCell has been already updated recently to operate with Air530Z as well.

Jason reported it would be replaced by Ublox chip. But It seems not true. Air530Z has less power consumption, but not great as GTop PA6H which consumes 25mA. Anyway, at least we can order.

would be nice to have a confirmation from @jasonXu about the final version of the gps chipset

99.9% Air530Z (from private correspondence 2 week ago).