New library for CubeCell and a BME680 sensor


if have uploaded a new library for the BME680 sensor.
The BME680 sensor now fully works with the CubeCell devices.



Great of you!

Did i see you upload a PCB wiring diagram of the Cube capsule interface to this forum?

It showed a partial PCB and if I am not hallucinating, I do not see that on the forum anymore?

Please confirm



Do you mein the adapter Pcb for the bme680 sensor?

Or the adapter for changing the pinout from dev board to capsule?

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I meant the adapter for changing the pinout from dev board to capsule

Thanks @rsmedia for the upload

I love what you and your guys are doing. I am based in Vancouver, BC Canada. We are still in the planning stages of developing a smart framing project and would be contacting you to discuss how we can collaborate

Thanks for your excellent contributions on this forum

If you like i can sent you the Design and Gerber files. But Keep in mind that is my work and we should be mentioned when using that Design.

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I did check out what you guys are doing on your website - the wsn website.
I believe based on what I have seen so far we could get you guys to handle any new sensors we may need for use in the smart farming aspect of our project. There are 3 modules - principles of proper non high tech farming. Module 2 using the appropriate sensors to replace some practices of traditional farming and the final module being making average non technical farmers into smart farmers

We are used to collaborations and have over the past 30 years plus always given credit to the originators of non in house designs or products. Frankly, we would love to leave the sensor hardware/software side to you

We will of course love to try certain things out for ourselves based on your design. Let me talk to my other project engineers first and will get back to you on that generous offer.

BTW do you have any idea of when these guys are going to ship out the capsule versions? We ordered 2 dev boards and a sample each of the capsules and are still waiting to get our hands on any version?

Once again thanks @rsmedia for your contributions

we at would really like to help you, just get in contact next week and we will see how we can work together.
We are developing software in c, c++, c# and doing hardware design for over 10 years now.
We started in the event technic area developing anything related to professional show/event control and lighting. Dont having so much work in this area anymore we searched for a new challange and found it in the lorawan sector.

the agriculture/farming sector is new to us, we have been working with normal environmental sensoring and parkspace control. But we love to have new challenges.

i have got my first capsule 2-3 weeks ago and my dev board a week ago.
i have than bought 4 capsules directly from heltec and they arrived this week, shipping took nearly 2 weeks. I think a normal time from china to germany.


I do agree that the smart farming/agric market segment is still “closed” and controlled by a few companies like Libelium. A very significant amount of my time was spent in the M2M environment and based on my experirnce with Lora/Lorawan I would say you are making the right move. You should spend some time looking at Libelium - alternative sensors that does what theirs do BUT cheaper!

Luckily for you, you live in Europe: This is a big open secret. The EU funds a whole slew of projects yearly and continuously. Google for the EU funded smart farming / agric projects and review what you can find about sensors etc relevant to agric or farming. You should be able to find ides re sensors for smart farming - which by the way has a bigger market in Europe. Check Horizon 2020 etc for ideas Check for things like leaf wetness sensors, rain sensors etc. Let me know if you still need pointers to the EU arena



@rsmedia, considering the extreme hustle one has to go through to get a CubeCell capsule to work, I think I will take you up on your earlier offer

Could I get access to your Gerber files etc to test out the kind of packaging we are going to end up with? I also hope that we can get you to build sensors for our project.

While on this topic, do you have one of these boards built already? Would love to see a pic, if available. How much would you sell this adapter if you were to decide to do that?



I Only have self etched Prototype here.
I have ordered professional build pcbs hope they arrive next week. When this pcbs are ok i will order more. Now the pcbs are all not rohs compliant so i cant sell them. The next order is rohs compliant so i can sell them.

If you pay for postage i can send you one of the not rohs compliant ready soldered when they arrive.

I will send you the Gerber files for that pcb in a private message.