New FREE Lora Satellite Service Launched - Ground Station based on sx126x

Hey guys,

Some great news.
I have been waiting for this for a long time - but the wait ended on December 6!

@Supporter please note that your Heltec Lora32 which is based on SX1276x were supported. Unfortunately no more. You need to build something based on the CubeCell series dev board to replace the Lora32 version X

Fossasat has launched a new FREE satellite based Lora service.
New Free Satellite based Lora distribution Network!

The good news is that as at now only SX126x boards are supported - CubeCell dev board!!!:smile:

Very cool! Their website is a little lacking in details, but if you have any more details of what is needed to connect please let us know!

Update: info here, but seems you need a high gain antenna to connect right now.

@heikkij, as at now there seems to be three ways of building or acquiring a base station

  1. buy a workstation form fossasat - fossa systems here
    Satellite based Lora Distribution Sources

  2. follow this URL for building your own workstation based on a SX1276 board
    This System has been successfully built by Simon

Please check out this
Simon’ Take on this topic on the Heltec Forum

  1. Building a ground station following Fossa System’s Github site

Github of Fossasat for installation restricted to S127x boards

My advise will be review Simon’s implementation on this forum

Other Lora based Satellite Services Out There

Let me know if you need more info



Hi all regarding Fossa Sat-1, in the last few days there are some issues that have come up post launch.

  1. The satellite has not deployed solar cell array and the antenna is also not deployed so very large loss in ability received . Only real info is via RTTY only 2 Lora messages received and with very large antenna systems.They are trying to trigger deployment of both but may not work.
  2. A design issue has been found in the use of sync words it seems the one used is not compatible with any receiver except Sx126x and then not great.So potentially could use Cube Cell but this at present does not work with standard software as not support ASR65001.

So my advice is wait to issues are resolved or if not the next 2 Fossa Sats proposed to launch March /April 2020.

@Sivaelid, thanks for the update and heads up.
My curiosity has been aroused and i intend to look into PocketCubes
You never know…

@Sivaelid and @Gipsyblues, thanks for the info!
Definitely interesting to see how well it will work!