Fossa Sat-1 Monitoring?

Is anybody working on code for the 433MHz Lora version of the Wireless Stick to monitor the new FossaSat-1?

I believe Andreas Speiss will be publishing something on this Real Soon Now (according to that linked video).

Hi I have working ground station using 433MHz Heltec ESP32v2 using the code from below, set up for FossaSat-1. Code:

Its great software and has a map for the ground stations and uploads data received to a common MQTT site for analysis and mapping give the position of the satellite.

I have cube cell 433Mhz module but have not tried that as the other is working and is connected via Wi-Fi to time sync and data transfer. Do look at the site.

I have not received anything so far and I think Fossa System have problems with deployment of the Solar cells and Antenna, I hope it all pans out for them, as he is such a great guy and Project is really good. The Antenna BTW is a QFA one that is mounted outdoor RHCP but is tolerant to Polarisation issues and also have Eggbeater one that has ground plane, and is better for signals at horizon.
The picture also shows 2 screens on the display “World map” and “FOSSA start up screen”. The software also gives all the telemetry and info and if your licenced then can use TX to send messages, once the satellite is fully working.

Regards Simon

My ground station Is “G8HAM Ground Station”…

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Its great to observe that there others looking at Fossasat-1

BTW they just dropped support for SX127x boards and are now concentrating on SX126X boards.

I had been looking for a satellite based Lora distribution system. This is a chance for Heltec to upgrade their Lora32 boards with the CubeCell series boards @Supporter for your reference!

@Sivaelid please keep us in the loop on this new adventure




Maybe you could be of help here. In the fossat forum, Software for GroundStation’s setup from Fossa Systems there is an indication of dropping of support for the 127x based boards. Is the software you used to setup your GroundStation the same as theirs, although I notice that your github source is G4lileo??