New Device not shown in helium console

hey ho, some hours ago I got the Heltec Indoor Hotpsot.

block height: 1103893

latest block height: get failed

Ok, I am new to the field… but a bit surprised… this value should not get failed yes? The orange led been blinking for a long time now… and the right white is permanently activated… no signals from the others…


Then i am wondering why i geht no “Last Connected” Signal for the device at the helium console… Do I have to add the Device & APP EUI and Key to the device?

The Log is ist not helpfull:
I get the output for downlink:
Oct 22 02:41:55 JSON down: {“txpk”:{“imme”:false,“rfch”:0,“powe”:14,“ant”:0,“brd”:0,“tmst”:91330340,“freq”:868.7,“modu”:“LORA”,“datr”:“SF12BW125”,“codr”:“4/5”,“ipol”:true,“size”:12,“data”:“YKyNeAGgGgDqUFop”}}

—> October and we have November, yes?

additionally … miner relayed: yes … latest firmware: get failed
I have seen that the most have relayed to false … is this the best option? and why? and how I can change it?

The App tells me that the hotspot firmware is 2019.11.06.0 but at the page of helium they talk about 2021.01.27.0 … this can not be right or?

Best regards and thx for answering these confusing questions !!!

This error is due to another Helium outage and has been experienced by almost everybody… you are not the first to wonder why, and none of that was confusing to us :slight_smile:

Hopefully the new Helium issues resolve swiftly for us all :crossed_fingers:

do you maybe know hwo to switch miner relayed: yes to no ? or if there is a way to connect to the miner via ssh or else ?

–was able to solve the “relayed” question by opening the port 44158 in the router -> THX