My heltec m2808 no connect

my hot spot 4 day offline
chek internet ok ip stutic ok poert 44158 open
but ofline
chek dashbord
listen addr: no listen addr
reset miner restart again but no listen
no miner release:
see dashbort and hlep me


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Exactly the same problem here. Does someone from the Heltec support read these posts? I see many unanswered questions on the forum.


I also have the exactly same problem. And also i can’t open the port 44158 ( the ip on router is correct). two days ago it was ok

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aynı problem offline

idem :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

We bought a device and it does not work and no one is responsible


So, I finally made some progress… Had the same problem. It was a new miner and had the stock firmware (1.2.7). Overnight it changed to 1.3.4, not the newest yet. And it had the same info as your screen capture. I think the problem is the “miner release”. It cannot be empty.(??)

I tried uploading several releases but it did not work until I tried with the newest one which currently is “miner-arm64_2022.04.27.0_GA.tar” Once I uploaded that file in the “import miner image” function it’s downloading the blockchain now and has an address! I don’t know if I can upload the file here somewhere or if I have to upload it to my website. If you have another HELTEC miner that works, you can get the file from there. Just press “export miner image”.

Good luck!

Had the same problem. No listening address. Reboot the router and the miner at the same time. Got listening address and started mining again. Give it a try.

Its normal???