MPU9250 'shake to send' example

Hi, I’m trying to see if Heltec might be the right product for a need we have - a basic device that will sit asleep (potentially for months) but transmit if moved or disturbed. I see there is an MPU9250 board available, but a search of the docs gives no results for ‘MPU9250’ or ‘accelerometer’. Would my use case need me to code from scratch (Arduino?) or is there a prebuilt configurable firmware? (I have found the demo, but this is a simple scheduled send not interrupts). Sorry for my uselessness - all help very much appreciated.


you can configure the MPU9250 to change the interrupt pin on a defined event like movement.
than you can have a look at the interrupt example for LoRaWAN.

Combine them and add code for configuring the MPU interrupt.

Thanks - that’s how I hoped it would be. I will get some boards and have a play - you don’t sell the accelerometer board yourself?

right now we dont have the MPU9250 for the capsule in stock.