Missing Arduino Tools flash size/partition scheme/etc options

Within the Arduino IDE, under the “tools” menu the normal flash size/partition scheme/etc options are missing when any of the “Heltec ESP32 Arduino --> WiFi Kit 32” (or others in the Heltec menu) is selected. However, when selecting the plain “ESP32 Arduino–>ESP32 Dev Module” those options become available.

Is there a way to choose these options (flash size, partition scheme, etc) while still keeping the Heltec board selected from within the Arduino IDE?

Environment: (all latest as of this writing)
Arduino IDE 1.8.13
Boards Manager --> Heltec ESP32 Series Dev-Boards 0.0.5
Library Manager --> Heltec ESP32 Dev-Boards 1.1.0



WiFi kit32’s flash is locked in 8MB.

Do you want use the flash partition table(this option?)?

we can update this option.

Yes the flash partition table options for type and different sizes would be great to eventually get added. Thanks.

Flash options pic 1

Flash options pic 2 - ignore highlighted blocks