Miner stuck on block 1106525

Please can you look into this issue with my miner, it has been two days with no response from heltec email. Hotspot name is hot aquamarine cobra. Firmware and release is up to date. I have tried importing a block snapshot, restarted and rebooted miner. Please can you look into this asap. I have swapped out my fleet of Nebra hotspots with heltec, my other miners are ok but this one is having issues. I chose heltec over any other make due to a recommendation from a friend, he also said the customer service is outstanding yet I am left here waiting.

yeah I can see : Hotspot hasn’t issued a challenge yet. Hotspots create challenges automatically every 360 blocks (~6 hours).

Have your restarted the device ? or maybe reseted?`

I have reset it, restarted it. This was about 2 hours ago that I reset again and there is no movement on the disk.

Still stuck at 4.2gb and miner loading snap 1105921

Yesterday the blockchain got stuck, and it has now been restored.