Miner not delivered/ November 15 from Batch September

I don’t know how to get any reply so i’m making a post here.

I participated in flash sales on October 26 for the unsold miners from Batch September. I bought 2 with Paypal payment. I got confirmation.

The commitment was to deliver on 15th November. I still have no shipping information or any information at all. Why make such statements on your website and commit yourself to something you can’t honor? I purchased Heltec instead of the competitors because i relayed on the information you provided.
thank you for your reply

Hi Vakha!

Due events / outages out of our control with the network, we were unable to upload and ship all hotspots by our agreed deadline. We apologise for this and are working hard to get the last Hotspots (EU FREQUENCY) out the doors this week :crossed_fingers:

Hello Mikmac,

I have the same issue, I did order this miner because it would be send November the 15th.
November the 15th is almost half a month ago and there is still no update, my order status is still processing. Can you please provide us the right delivery date? Since the week you are writing about has also passed.

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue. 15th november was promised for delivery but still no shipping information. Please provide us an update because this is unprofessional.

I got the same issue. I ordered online on October 26 (flash sale), but I still have not received my tracking number. Could you help us?

Hello, I am also one of the few that ordered on 26th October through their flash sale and I can say that the situatiin is absurd. Firstly, on the website there was clearly a statement that said the orders will ship out BY 15 November, there was no statement that the flashsale was only for people that had problems paying via bank transfer or anything else as I seen on discord people talk about this. Secondly, when you talk about the Helium blockchain outage, and perhaps you have a memory loss and I need to remember you that this lasted only a few days, not even a week, you can not throw the fault on it this is just straight lying as we are on the 30th of November, so 2 weeks delay and still no sign of shipping for any of us. To finish this off all I can say is that I am really really dissapointed in this company and I would not recommend it even if they are one of the fastest, reasons are simple: poor communication, some faulty miners (which I have not heard of being take care of) and also they do not face their delays as they should, instead of inventing a million reasons why, they should have, instead, tell us the truth, face the problem, and let us know about the situation and estimated delay. Have a nice week all of you and stay safe!

So i see i’m not the only one.

Of courses the excuses are very poor ( they are not even trying).

If they can’t answer and give a delivery date, i ll cancel my purchase and ask refund, i see no other sollutions. Let’s wait till 01.12.21 to get their response

I have the same issue, the order still in progress from the day that I placed it, the only reason that I ordered in 26 October is that will be delivered on 15 November, but there is nothing till now!
We need someone to explain this and make it clear to know what to do.

Can we atleast get a reply??

Nothing to explain. They decided to sell those miners to people that had bank transfer problems. They had a choice to screw them or us and they chose us ;). Our miners will be shipped in 30 working days just like regular offline sale. I hope.

How do you know? And if this is the truth, why dont we get updated about this?
Beside that, Why is Mikmac saying above that the problem is because of the outages of the network? Which is not the case anymore.

Anyways, we will never know the real reason if Heltec continues with ignoring this topic.

It’s 30 business days since we’ve made the purchase. Still nothing.