Migration OTTA-Devices V2 to V3 / Join-behavior?


the new TTN-Stack V3 is online!
All devices must migrate to V3!

A new Join must be done!

Migrating OTAA Devices from V2 to V3 - V2 to V3 Upgrade / Migrating Devices to V3 - The Things Network

Performing a New Join

Now, the end device will have to perform a new join. It depends on the end device firmware how this is done exactly. Some devices do a new join every week/month, then it’s just a matter of waiting. Some devices let you send a downlink message to trigger a new join, then you need to send that command from the v2 console (or your application). Some devices will do a new join when they lose connection, then you should delete your device from the V2 Console. Some devices do a new join when they are power cycled, then you should do that.

How does the CubeCell boards work, when losing the connection?


CubeCell is not check lose the connection and do not join every week/moth.
It easy to add that by your self based on the two paras “UpLinkCounter/DownLinkCounter()” which count the up and down cnt.
1.If you want to do a new join every week you can set “deviceState” to “DEVICE_STATE_INIT” when UpLinkCounter == 3600247*1000/appTxDutyCycle.

2.If you use confirmed uplink, you can check the UpLinkCounter and DownLinkCounter to decide if it lose connection. For example UpLinkCounter increased 10, but DownLinkCounter not increase,you can think it lost connection, this depends yourself. Even it may be the reason of Gateway.

3.If you use unconfirmed uplink , it’s no way to check if it lose the connection. I think you shoud send a confirmed uplink for each several unconfirmed uplinks, and do the same as metioned in part 2.

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Hi @Supporter ,
the configuration of the ttn v3 is a bit more detailed and therefore more complicated. It would be great if you could take a look at it and write a little documentation/instruction for it.


Look at the TTS Documentation Home | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN (thethingsindustries.com)!
And the youtube videos !


I use a heltec-cube-cell-htcc-ab01 at v2 and the join working well, the same device with new keys at v3 get no success join.
And i don’t find a issue and/or solution.

I use heltec-cube-cell-htcc-ab01 in TTN V2 und TTS V3, OTTA works for me. I transport the parameter from V2 to V3!


I have also migrated several nodes from V2 to V3 (OTAA and ABP) with mixed results.
Some of them worked flawlessly with the old IDs and keys from V2, but at least one OTAA device
did not join correctly. The join requested was displayed and also acknowledged in the LiveData Logs
but the “purple flash” on the device was missing and so the node retried forever. After some time i
switched it off and put it aside. Interestingly after one or two days it joined at the first try when i
switched it back on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At least for now, there are several shortcomings in V3:

  • there is found no way to “autogenerate” the DEVEUI for new devices. According to TTN the DEVEUI
    has to be assigned by the manufacturer, which is, as we know, not always the case.
    Fortunately the TTN people will adress this problem with a coming release.

  • LiveData Logs are much more detailed, but unfortunately there is no way to set filters, so
    you get swamped with logs quite fast.

  • MQTT messages we can subscribe to in our applications were heavily changed, so you
    have to touch ALL of your parsers, function nodes, custom-code,…

  • it seems that ABP nodes cannot be migrated, they have to be deleted and recreated with new
    keys. This can create a LOT of pain when we have to go out and reprogram every one of them!

  • migrating your gateway(s) to V3 will cut all V2 nodes offline, so you will have to wait until all users
    in your area have migrated to V3. So either you wait until V2 is switched off or go the hard way and
    force all others to migrate by cutting them off.

  • TTNMapper Integration is missing at least for now, i guess JPM is working on that.

  • am i missing something, …


Hello rosch,

with transition to the TTS V3 the system aims in my opinion more and more on professional solutions with defined manufacturers of finished products!

The hobbyist scene is only an unwanted appendage.