Micropython wifi kit 32 oled not found

just found a wifi kit 32 which i bought several years ago (v1) and wanted to play with it.
Since I really love micropython, I uploaded it to the board as well as an ssd1306 driver (found here https://randomnerdtutorials.com/micropython-oled-display-esp32-esp8266/)
I have used this driver before and it works pretty good.
Next, I created an i2c in micropython using the pins (sda)4 and (scl)15 as found in heltec scematic.
Now I tried to scan i2c since I don’t know the i2c address of the onboard display… and found nothing…

did anyone ever try this? is it possible that my display is broken or maybe pinout has changed from v1 to v3?

Pin 16 (reset) has to be high
Pin 21 (oled-power) has to be low
then it’s address 0x3c

Edit 3: Works on a v3, v1 doesn’t do… so again… any significant changes in electronics?