Microphone input support for CubeCell range

Im a huge fan of your CubeCell boards and have deployed a number of the HTCC-AB01 for urban sensing applications. I usually work with audio based sensors and would love to develop a battery operated noise monitoring device based around the HTCC-AB01/2. Id like to be able to interface a PDM or ideally I2S microphone with the board for periodic audio sampling at 16bit/16kHz. As the ASR6501/2 modules are based on a PSoC 4000 series MCU, would it be possible to implement this kind of functionality?

Im not actually sure if a PSoC 4000 series can handle PDM or I2S audio but if it could this make for a very practical application for these boards.

Min requirements would be a single digit uA sleep current draw and the ability to handle PDM/I2S audio.

Any input from the Heltec devs or folk with the knowledge would be very much appreciated!