Max. sleeptime value

Hi all,

may I kindly ask what is the maximum sleep time for Cubecell board. In ESP it’s apprx. 72minutes. Is there any kind of such limitation?

the dutycycle is stored in an uint32_t variable.
this type of variable can store a value up to 4294967295.

due to storing the dutycycle as a ms value the max time is 4294967 seconds.

4294967 seconds = 71582 minutes = 1193 hours = 49 days

the longest dutycycle i have ever used with the cubecell was 1 hour.

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Hi, really appreciate your quick response.
My use-case: parking sensor which measure the presence of car (geomagnetic), if there is a change of existing status, then the sensor initiate the cube cell wake-up to report the actual status via lorawan. If there is no change for long time, I just want to wake it up by timer (at least 3 times per day), only in case to send a new register values (like sleep time, sensor calibration command, …).