Makefile-based sample projects

My name is Kristof Mulier. I’m part of a startup creating a new free IDE for microcontrollers: “Embeetle IDE”. Recently I purchased the following boards from Heltec:

  • WiFi LoRa 32 (V2), LoRa Band 433MHz
  • WiFi Kit 32
  • HT-M00 Dual Channel LoRa Gateway

I would like to add them to Embeetle IDE. However, to do that I’d need a sample project for each of them, such that our users can get started quickly. The sample project should be something very simple, such as a blinking LED.

The sample project should also comply with the following “rules”:

  • It must be coded in C/C++ (and some assembly if needed).
  • It must be self-contained (all source files present in the project folder).
  • It must be makefile-based (build procedure is running gnu-make on a makefile).

I can’t find such sample projects for the Heltec boards. Can someone help me?

Thank you very much.

Greeting from Heltec, and thank you for choosing our products.

Here is the quick start manual for the products:

Here is the product family of Heltec:

And I highly recommend you can try our CubeCell Series: