Maintenance free CubeCell node for > 3 months


I am currently working on a node with the CubeCell board and a BME280 to track THP every 15 min.
When it comes to the power supply, I tried a coin cell (CR2450 with 640mah). But it gave a battery voltage of 240 mv, and after a few messages it stopped working, so I assume the peak current was too high for the coin cell.

Coming to the LiPo option, since the sleep current is much higher and LiPos have a higher potential for failures (also fire), I wanted to stay away from that. Additionally, I am not sure which LiPo has a low self discharge current and want to use them inside, so solar panels are not an option.

This is why, I wanted to give a try with the coin cell.

Do you have other suggestions?



You can have look at the specs of LiSOCl2.

A very interesting high level of comparison is given in this page.

Don’t get caught up in the latest crazy battery tech and don’t underestimate the energy in a couple D cell batteries.

I was reading about a team creating a remote sensor buoys in the antarctic. I was really interested to find they use a massive bank of D batteries. I think it was over 100. Why? High energy density for the size, price, and really low self discharge.

just take some NiMH batteries will last long an are easy to handle.

Thanks, that sounds promising. Did anybody of you try the LiSOCl2 with a CubeCell?

The specs are saying that they have a voltage of up to 3,7v when fully charged whereas the CubeCell spec only allows up to 3.5v with 3.3v option.

BTW: For both 5v and 3.3v pin power supply, I would use the VIN contact? 2nd below user button?

Connect the battery to the battery socket

But then I would have the power regulation stuff again, right?
Nevertheless, can somebody please bring light on the question, which pin to use for powering via 3.3 or 5v.
If I use 3x1.2v cells on the battery connector , is it ok with the loading management of the CubeCell, so it does not overcharge? I want to understand the different options, I‘ve got…


Can’t you put a solar panel on it? I’ve had a couple of cubecell’s with a 1000mAh LiPo at work for months.

He uses the CubeCell inside, he already thought of that

Thanks Marc,
yes, basically for me 2 questions remain open:

  1. Which Pin to use for 5v and 3.3v direct supply w/o battery connector. But 3.3v is more important for me.

  2. Is it possible/advisable to plug another battery on the connector to use and charge another battery than a 3.7v LiPo. E.g. 3x 1.2v NiMh or Li-FePo4 with 3.6v?


I think you should have a look to this power management.

it comes from
And when you can use normal eneloop pro