MAC and PHY version


to configure The Things Stack i need to know the MAC and PHY version.
the website stated a MAC version of 1.0.2 but no PHY version.

If i select version 1.0.2 for both in the things stack i can only receive packet which are send on channel index 0,1 and 2
The same node is sending fine on all channels to ttn and a chirpstack

The EU868 only have channel 0, 1, 2 enable by default.

I am using EU868.
The CubeCell sends on more than channel 0,1,2 i can see that on the gateway and on the ttn and chirpstack server. But on the thethings stack server i get a mac failure (mtype unknown) on frequencies other than channel 0,1,2

In this screenshot you can that

Sorry for my poor understanding, indeed I’m not very clear what’s your mean… :upside_down_face:

both tables show the data from one node received by the same gateway and forwarded to 2 servers (TTN and TheThingsStack)
the first table shows data arriving at the TTN server.
the second table shows data arriving at the TheThingsStack server.

as you can see the TTN server gets all packets (counter row shows increments of 1)
the TheThingsStack server only gets packets for the channels 0,1,2 (hop in counter rows).

a third server (chirpstack) gets all data like the TTN server too.

the missing packets on the TheThingsStack server throws this error:

here is a log from my gateway:

as you can see there are packages send with other channels.
but those do not appear in thethings stack:

just checked the sources:
for EU868 channel 3-7 are added to the default 0-2

void lwan_dev_params_update( void )
#ifdef REGION_EU868
    LoRaMacChannelAdd( 3, ( ChannelParams_t )EU868_LC4 );
    LoRaMacChannelAdd( 4, ( ChannelParams_t )EU868_LC5 );
    LoRaMacChannelAdd( 5, ( ChannelParams_t )EU868_LC6 );
    LoRaMacChannelAdd( 6, ( ChannelParams_t )EU868_LC7 );
    LoRaMacChannelAdd( 7, ( ChannelParams_t )EU868_LC8 );

and all of your examples have this line:

/*LoraWan channelsmask, default channels 0-7*/ 
uint16_t userChannelsMask[6]={ 0x00FF,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000 };

but the main question is:

what MAC and PHY versions does the CubeCells use?

I updated library from git, My code is complied error with:
uint16_t userChannelsMask[6]={ 0x00FF,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000 };

and I run a new example is can’t send to logger lora but old version is still work.

please post your error code.

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I mean old LoRaWAN.ino can not run on new library. Error code show about userChannelsMask

and new LoRaWAN.ino can not send payload to my LoRaWAN logger but code can compile on cubecell

yes that can happen that old examples dont work with new library.
sometimes there are breaking changes.

when i enable the debug option freq&dio
the cubcell sends only on channel 0,1,2

if i disable the debug option it sends on all 8 channels.

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after flashing with debug option freq&dio it sends only on channel 0,1,2
now have disabled the debug option and flashed again AND it sends only on channel 0,1,2

i do not have to understand it.

OTAA and ABP? I’m seeing similar behaviour on AS923, even after OTAA.

I’ll dig into the code tomorrow and see if I can see why/how it’s restricting itself.


now sending only on channel 0,1,2 is “ok” because sending on the other channels dont give data to the TheThingsStack Server.

But would like all channels and the problem with TheThingsStack solved.

Hi all

Since the introdcution of channel mask in Code, I have seen several issues. I use ABP in my sketches and normally upto V0.0.5 on EU868 worked as expected for TTN being start on the 3 default channels and then goes of on the pseudo random frequency selection on DR5 i.e. SF7. this is correct behaviour.
I now find the following in V0.0.6 V0.0.7:

First it is stuck at SF12 this should not happen in ABP . If set OTAA this is the starting point and backs off in a few cycles for transmission to SF7. the system should minimise the TX time to save resource on gateway.

Second when reset I see the unit starting off at times NOT in the Default channels i.e. 867.5 . this is not a good change. looks like an error in the regonEU868 though couold apply to all regions.

On another point the default config for the board enable ADR ON, Confirm message ON Netreservation on, RGB On .
The default should follow the Principles that it should minimise the transmission of Down stream messages to no more than 10 per day IN TTN so Confirm message should be set off.

BR Simon

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The MAC version is V4.4.0.

We got the SDK from ASR, but the original SDK with V4.4.0 LoRaMAC-Node code but added Class B support, CubeCell don’t have sync time tamp, so we removed the Class B part.

I don’t know the PHY layer, already confirmed with ASR support, but still without reply.

In the LoRaWAN regional parameters, the EU868 only have three frequency support, I think the problem is because TheTingsStack server didn’t enable additional frequency.