Low power and mac adress

I would like to know if someone can explain to me how the lowPowerHandler() function works; what task does Additionally the Vext pin, in the schematic you can see the parts where it arrives but I do not know to which regulator it corresponds. And finally how can I access the radio mac, something like Radio.Getmac() ?. Thank you all for your attention.

Hi There,

The scematic shows that VExt is switched trought the field effect transistor G3.
The gate of this transistor is connected to GPIO6.
This would mean that you can switch VExt on/of by means of GPIO6.
In this way you can power down external sensors/boards.
This also switches the serial Led power of LED 1.
Most likely to lower the power consumption when this LED is not needed.

Nice setup from Heltec.


Thanks for the reply, any idea how to access the radio mac?. Thanks.