Lost messages into the LoRa Node

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to send messages from a MQTT broker to my LoRaWAN node. The problem is that sometimes I receive the message, but not always.
When I receive the message, in the ChirpStack Application Server you can see something like this:

And when the message doesn’t arrive to the node you can only see the ack message in ChirpStack Application Server.
In the Bridge Docker the next message also appears:
get device-queue item error object does not exist
And this one in the Network Server Docker:
level=error msg=“get device-queue item error” ctx_id=a782050a-6795-47d6-a705-e016c94cdde2 dev_eui=fe…fc error=“object does not exist”

Any idea of what is happening?

Thank you!

You can try sending a message directly from the ChirpStack Application Server to determine if the problem is between the node and gateway connections.

I think it is better if you post this question regarding chirpstack in the chirpstack forum.
I think they can help netter

I posted here because I didn´t know if this is a problem of chirpstack or it is because of the node. I will try in the chirpstack forum.

Thank you anyway.