LoRaWan stack contains major blocking bug(s)?

I have a clear feeling that the LoRaWan stack used with Arduino contains at least a major bug.

I use AB01 with Arduino, in a simple program.
After some transmissions, the LoRaWan stack seems continuously “busy” without any way out. The behavior is similar to the bug described here:

but this bug has been corrected, and I still have issues.

My bug seems VERY frequent: I transmit 30 bytes every 10 minutes, and the bug appears after 2 or 3 days (and sometimes after just 1 hour).

The Stack seems to have been updated in 2013 (despite the “2017” copyright of Alibaba Group…), whereas Semtech stack has been updated until 2017.

Has anyone noticed such issue?
Is there a plan for update?
Clearly, for me, the AB01 is just impossible to use in the current situation…

We have undergone long-term testing before leaving the factory, and this problem has not occurred. You can use the case code directly and try it without any modification.

As a matter of fact, this is not true…
I have 3 AB01 running, and the ALL stop after some time, with a bug similar to:

(But the bug here has been corrected. I am facing another bug. I think my bug is regarding RX2 window, and not RX1)