LoRaWAN Send issue

Hello, I’m Sending Sensors data. The 1st cycle of LoRaWAN works perfectly, and I’m able to

see the data on the dashboard (TTN).


however after the device goes to sleep and starts again, it collects the sensor data and sends
it & the console shows:

but I can never see the packet on TTN anymore…!!

inside the code, there is deep sleep rutin that triggers every 10 sec (this is different from the LoRaWAN Sleep state).

I did a solution but I’m not sure it’s the right way to do it which is to dis-join & re-join the device again from the Network.

It works and I can see all the transmitted packets. but I think this is not the correct way.

if someone could guide me to make a repetitive transmission without dis-joining, I would be


Thank you…

I just realized that I’m not able to receive the scheduled downlink (since I disconnected) which makes this solution is not an option because I need the downlink.