LoRa WNS HELTEC modules (WIFI LoRa 32) 868Mhz for gas monitoring MQ136 sensors

Good afternoon

Heltec Automation Team

Henry Espinoza greets you, from GYE ECU.

I need your help with this:

My proyect consists of a Network of 4 wireless sensors via LoRa for gas monitoring using MQ136 sensors.

I have:

4 HELTEC modules (WIFI LoRa 32) 868Mhz
4 MQ136 sensors (SainSmart MQ136 Semiconductor Sensor for Hydrogen Sulfide)
1 HELTEC HT-M01 Mini LoRa Gateway Module

I need help with the codes and steps to follow to achieve this:

how to connect the sensors to each node HELTEC (WIFI LoRa 32) 868Mhz (pins)?

How to display the gas concentration on the OLED?

How to send the data of the 4 nodes to the HELTEC HT-M01 Mini LoRa Gateway?

How to configure the LoRaWAN network (LoRaServer in ChirpStack)?

Grateful for your help. Heltec products with great will keep learning and promoting the brand in Ecuador.

To connect the sensor to the development board, you need to check the connection method of the sensor (SPI, I2C, etc.), and then connect it to the corresponding development board pin.

This example can refer to connecting to the gateway and showing it to the OLED.

This connection can help you connect to loraserver.

Hello Quency-D

Thank you for your suggestion.

Which pin do you’ll use it and why? The MQ136 sensor is the same pins for all MQ sensor (analog output of the MQ136 module to an analog input of the ESP32)

Any idea of the code for ESP32 for detection of gas?



Each sensor module may have different pins. I don’t have this MQ136 module, so I dare not talk about it. I suggest you ask the seller of the sensor.