LoRa V3 - with DS18B20 one-wire temp sensor - not going to ground on a usb power pack

During debug, I have my LoRa V3 connected to my laptop and running qty=3 DS18B20 one-wire temp sensors. When I disconnect the usb-c cable from my laptop and get power from a portable Anker type power pack, I see the one-wire signal no longer goes low (all the way to ground) - signal is fine when powered from my laptop, but any other power-only packs cause the one-wire to not go all the way low. I have tried about 5 different commercial power packs with the same results. We have tried a number of different cables - all with the same results.

We don’t see this on Wifi Kit 32 V2 boards… those work fine with portable battery packs…

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have found that sometimes my laptop fails to bring the GPIO pin all the way low… what is weird, is that if I start the serial port monitor, it starts working…

see also this post:

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