LoRa settings for LoRa 32 / Wireless Stick

How do I change the LoRa settings for the following for example?

  • carrier frequency
  • bandwidth
  • spreading factor
  • coding rate
  • sync word
  • preamble length
  • buffer size
  • output power during transmission

Can we update these settings in the LoRaSender example files that use the heltec.h library?

Can we use the same format as for the LoRaWan_APP library? eg #define RF_FREQUENCY 868E6, or is it something different for the heltec.h library, like #define BAND 868E6?


You can refer to this example: pingpong

Hi Icarus,

it depends. If you are using the Heltec framework, see in their description. But there are libs that are much easyer to work with. What’s on the other side? Or is it LoRa 32 <-> LoRa 32? And what IDE are you using?

Regards, Edi

Hi Edi,
I’m using a Lora 32 transmitting and a wireless stick receiving. I’ve also got a CubeCell Capsule transmitting. I can’t get the wireless stick to receive the data from both - I have to use seperate sketches… I’ve also got a Raspberry Pi receiving, but that’ll only receive from the CubeCell.
Which libs are easier?
I’m open to suggestion as to which framework is best…
I’m using the Arduino IDE.

So I got this right? You can send capsule <-> rpi and capsule <-> capsule, but not capsule <-> lora32 and rpi <-> lora32? I think you r lora32 settings are wrong. I’m sending from cubecell board to lora32 without problems.
can you post the sketches?

The ESP32 LoRa won’t receive data from the Wireless Stick AND CubeCell using the same sketch. It’s either RX from CubeCell OR RX from Wireless Stick depending which sketch I use. I want to use the same sketch (lib) to recieve from both. CubeCell is using LoRaWan_APP lib and Wireless stick is using heltec.lib. I’d like to find one lib that’ll receive from both.

You should be able to use the same code on the Stick and theLoRa 32…
Usualy, I don’t use the Heltec code, because it is too bulky. If you want to improve, write your own drivers optimized for your use case or use something that optimises well, for example the LoRa library by sandeepmisrty. If you like, you can also post your sketches here and we’ll have a look.