LoRa Node 151 unknown or unsupported device

Hello, I already saw the other thread that have the same problem as I, since there is no solution I’m opening a new one.

I have a Lora Node 151 and I’m trying to configure it, I plugged an USB cable that I was using before to run tests in other Lora Devices and it worked out fine. But for installing the Lora Node firmware doesn’t work at all:

10:32:55 : Error: unknown or unsupported device (DevID = 0x0000)

10:54:48 : USB speed : Full Speed (12MBit/s)

10:54:48 : Manuf. ID : STMicroelectronics

10:54:48 : Product ID : STM32 BOOTLOADER

10:54:48 : SN : 74E7A1316BA0

10:54:48 : FW version : 0x011a

10:54:48 : Device ID : unknown

I don’t know what else I can do, already plugged with the USER button pressed, it detecs the USB port, this error occurs when I try to make a connection. What can I do?

Please replace the USB cable and try again. The USB interface may not be stable.

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Yes, I had to use another cable and port HUB in order to make the connection.