Lora Node 151 problem with LoRaWAN example code

Hello. May i know what kind of problem I’m dealing with? I successfully download the LoRaWAN example code provided by the heltec into my Lora Node 151 using the STLinkV2 through STM32CubeIDE. But in the console, it is said that there is some error there “Temporary breakpoint 1, main () at …/Src/main.c:759”.I dont know what this mean. After this happen, my lora node no longer detected in my pc unless it is in DFU mode. This is only happen when i try to download this code to my Lora Node 151. The others code works well. Can someone help me

Can you try to running into this code? And have a look what cause the stuck.

For other code, normally i just plugin my micro usb cable from computer to the Lora Node 151. And then just simply monitor it running using PuTTY apps through serial connection. But when I succesfully download specifically the LoraWAN example code into the Lora Node 151 using STM32CubeProgrammer, it happens my pc doesnt detect the LoRa Node 151 anymore. It just pop out saying that it doesnt recognized the device. With this problem, I can’t even take a look whether my Lora Node actually can running properly with the LoraWAN example code or not. So how can i recognized the cause of the stuck. Or is there any method to look into it?

My PC finally can detect my Lora Node 151 after I repeat everything from the beginning, I just don’t know where my mistake before. But I just want the confirmation, is it the code supposed to be like this?Capture01010101

In this status, your device didn’t join the LoRaWAN network.

what error might cause this problem do you think? I configured it to connect in ABP to my single channel gateawy, and it seems to response like this