Lora Node 151 problem with LoRaWAN example code, 404-not found

I bought a LoRa Node 151, with a Software by my own everything ist working. But i can’t set the module into low power mode (few uA), the lowest current i measure ist about 700uA.
I saw in an elder thread in this forum from Apr 2019 with the same problem, that the heltec-supporter refers to an example code:


Unfortunatley this link is dead (404-not found). Could you please give me the correct link? The PingPong example isn’t solving my problem.
Here’s the UID of my module (HAL_GetUID()):

buff uint32_t [3] 0x20007fe8 (Hex)
buff[0] uint32_t 0x9473931 (Hex)
buff[1] uint32_t 0x32343337 (Hex)
buff[2] uint32_t 0x3f0033 (Hex)

Thank You very much


My code was ok.


What you guys with the same problem should do:

When mesauring current, plug off the programmer (ST-LINK or Segger J-Link) :wink:
Doing this reduces the Standby-current from about 700uA to 300uA.

Then you have to connect all unused pins to GND. The used pins for communication with the SX126x (except the LoRa_RST-Pin) should be connected to GND via a 100k resistor.

Setting all unsused pins to input and switching on the internal PullDown seems to have no effect in the StandBy-mode. ST writes in the datasheet, “all pins are set to a high impedance state” when entering standby. Obviously high impedance means high impedance, no pull Up/Down in effect. So i added manually these resistors (and direct connections to GND) and everything works fine, 2.7uA.


please refer the link: