Lora Node 151 - poor RSSI with Lorawan example code

Hi everyone!

I am new to Lora and Lorawan, so still have a lot to learn, but I could not find a solution to a strange problem: If I download the basic hardware test code to two pieces of Heltec lora node 151 (one sender and one receiver/sender) they work well, they could communicate 700-800 meters away from each other (or maybe more, but this was my test distance).

But when I tested this node with TTN (dowloaded the lorawan example code and set everything for TTN as described) I could send data to the network (it appeared in TTN) but the RSSI is extremely poor, it was -110 when 5 meters away from the gateway (I tested it with other 151 node as well). The gateway is working well, so I guess it is a software issue. Or is it possible that the Lora Node 151 is simply not compatible with my gateway?

Sorry, when we were designing the new version of Node151, we only exported PA_BOOST pin, but the output below 14dBm in the standard LoRaWAN protocol was not output through PA-BOOST. I think this is a design error of ours, and I would like to express it again apologize.
But you can still get around this problem with code. You need to modify the uint8_t SX1276GetPaSelect (uint32_t channel) function in line 153 of the sx1276-board.c file to change all outputs to the PA-BOOST pin.QQ%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE20200116110314

Thank you for your support of our products.

Great! Thank you for your answer. I modified the code as you suggested and now it works well with good RSSI values.