Lora Mesh network for two way Cubecell IoT devices

There is 3 mayor alternative to send messages oriented to build disaster Lora Mesh network, they are amazing projects in that area.

But they not meet directly the necessary implementation of bidirectional Lora Mesh network without gateways.

There is some project somebody of the community can contribute?

Can Heltec provide some examples or library to build 2 way Lora Mesh?

Can friends @jasonXu or @Supporter can gently contribute?

BTW the disaster Lora Mesh projects are:

  • clusterduck protocol
  • meshtastic
  • disaster radio

I am one of the maintainer of ClusterDuck Protocol. The CubeCell boards are supported. However we have unresolved problems with them as they are unable to receive LoRa packets from SX127X radios, including Heltec’s own Wifi LoRa V2 boards.

As a result of this communication is only working one way.
The other issue is CubeCell are not supported by Radiolib which is our library of choice for Lora peer-to-peer. This makes it difficult to use the board.

I believe meshtastic has run into similar issues and has so far disabled support for CubeCell.

It’s too bad, because CubeCell hardware is well designed and achieve ultra low power which would make it ideal for a mesh end node.

As a side note: ClusterDuck Protocol 2-way communication implementation is in progress. So this will be available soon.