Lora Log delayed by days, no witnessed Beacon

Hey Community,

my loralogs delayed by more than 24h sometimes. Also i dont get any witnessed beacon, only good results for sent beacons. This appears after changing antenna. Any ideas?

What do u mean with delayed by more than 24h?

Okay, I also have same problem for more than 7 days, and that is happening to lot of Heltec’s Hotspots globally, and it’s not due to Antenna change, it’s due to latest update, there is some bug with certain hotspots … I asked tech team to see what is going on, and they said it’s all okay… It’s not okay when I don’t have working hotspot and I don’t make money with it. But it’s okay for them to take money and be happy …

What is the problem, which you guys ,don’t even have an idea it is there on field ?

Can we ask someone from @Supporter or @support that is going to fix this issue ?

Thank you in advance!