LoRa Libraries Interoperability on CubeCell & ESP Lora V2

Hi, I have a question regarding the LoRa Libraries for the different platforms.
I have started some small projects on the Heltec ESP Lora V2 board and found several libraries which provide different levels of access to the LoRa part of the project (heltec.h vs LoRa.h). I decided for the heltec.h - it was the one I got successful transmission first.
A couple weeks later, I decided to try out a CubeCell development board (HTCC-AB01) - since it seems to offer lower power consumption options and a display is not needed for a remote sensor package. After Installing the CubeCell stuff in the Arduino Framework I had to realize that the LoRa setup is again completely different from the two libraries for the ESP board (LoRa_APP.h; LoRaWan_APP.h; LoRaWanMinimal_APP.h). Again a steep learning curve to go.
Is it possible that - at some time - you provide a consistent LoRa API for your boards where the basic LoRa Configuration can be accessed in a consistent way ?
I would like to see that the LoRa functions can be accesses on any board by having consistent LoRa.command() type language.
Thank you in advanceā€¦