LoRa Gateway with Azure or AWS IoT

Azure and AWS IoT solution requires configuring LoRa gateways with keys and certificates. Can someone share on how to use and configure heltec gateway (HT-M01S) for Azure or AWS IoT? Thanks


I have the same problem as you. AWS IoT Core generates a private certificate that must be installed in the gateway HT-M01S. But I don´t have access to the gateway filesystem and I´m afraid that this is impossible in this line o product.

Please, let me know if you advance in this issue.


Eduardo Bastos

Yes, there is no option to configure certificates on heltec gateway. There is no OS on the board to allow it. This is what I received from Heltec support.

@heltec we dont really need an OS in order to do that, if you just put an option to upload the certificate on the HT-M01S and a few ajust to the firmware we could do this type of connection. It ll be very helpfull