Lora 32 v2 with ili9341 external display

I can use an external LCD with touch screen fine on an ESP32 but I am having issues trying to use it with a LoRa 32 v2 board. The LCD has an ILI9341 controller and the touch has an XPT2046 controller

The LCD works fine but the touch screen will not function. When it goes to calibrate it skips through the steps as if the screen was being touched but it is not and afterwards the screen fails to respond to touch. I have unplugged the CS and MISO pins from the touch controller so I have no idea where it is even receiving the SPI touch data from.

I am using 23 and 17 for the CS for the LCD and touch controllers. I have tried reversing these pins and the LCD still works fine but the touch is still not working.

I am quite new and still learning so hopefully I am just missing the obvious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe the following things will help you