LiPo battery connection

Hi community, I have a Wifi Lora 32 (V2) module, I connect a LiPo 3.7V battery with the provided cable and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong of it should be enough to turn the module on?

Thanks in advance,

Please confirm whether the battery has enough power.
If it is, I hope you can show me the Lipo battary and wiring.

Thank you @Xiao-H for your response. This is the battery I’m using, directly connected to the power input on the back of the board using the provided cable:


Unfortunately I damaged the cable connector when removing it, so now I need to find a replacement for it. Anyways, do you think the battery is OK and should work?


If you have damaged the battery interface, you can consider connecting the battery from 5V and GND, but this will increase power consumption.

Please test the battery voltage. If it is about 3.7V, it can work normally.