Just a little improvement proposal

Today I received my two little CubeCell HTCC-AB01 dev-boards.

Nice packaging, but why is there no cable with this little connector included?
In the end, it might cost some cents in Asia, but now I have to wait (or solder) until I can get my battery connected.

Does anybody know how this connector is called, so I can order them on Amazon or something similar?


That caught me out too. I ended up desoldering the socket and soldering wires to the board to connect a battery as there aren’t any other battery connection points.

Ohh, very sorry about that. If users place order in our website, we had include a battery wire inside the parcel. But resellers or agents may didn’t include.

When the Chinese new year holiday finished, we will notice all reseller include a battery socket inside the parcel.

BTW. the name of the battery socket is SH1.25-2

Hi and thank you.

I bought via AliExpress in the “Heltec automation Official Store”
Is this a reseller?


That shop is opened by our agents in our name.

Today I received two CubeCell boards with battery cable added… Super!

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