Is there a mutual influence between oled-display and I2C-communication (HTTC-AB02S)?

Description here:



The I2C is used driver OLED_Display, you can try to use I2C2.

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Thank you!

How can i use it (Wire.begin(GPIO9,GPIO8)?


Do you find how to use I2C 2 ?

void setup() {

#include “Wire.h”

//for asr6502, there are two i2c(Wire and Wire1).
//for asr6501, only one i2c(Wire).

void setup() {
//i2c begin, default frequency is 100000;
Wire.begin();//or Wire1.begin();

//update frequency to 500000;
Wire.setFrequency(500000);//or Wire1.setFrequency(500000);


//i2c begin and set frequency to 500000;

/*for asr6502, Wire also can be set to Wire1 as follow:

  • Wire.begin(1000000,1)
  • in this case, Wire == Wire1;

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Thanks Ernst. So in your opinion there is no problem with the I2C use with HTTC-AB02S?


please refer here:

Sorry, there is a problem with htcc-02S and the second I2C-Bus.

The gps-modul is wired to the one line of the second i2c-bus, i wrote here in the forum. I think the httc-02 has no such problem!


Yes I read that. In my case i not use gps for now. Thanks for the information.