Invalid libraty in arduino for LoRa stick lite

I have a following error with uploading the code to the LoRa stick lite. Can you tell me where is this problem come from?
I have reinstalled several time the LoRaWAN library but the error is still there.

Invalid version ‘Internal RTC2.0’ for library in: /ESP32_LoRaWAN-master

Sorry the error is the follwing
“A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header”


maybe you have not enter bootloader.

press the PRG key and keep it pressed -> connected the USB -> release the PRG key.

That trick is not working.earlier I know I have uploaded programs on the same board sussesfully!!

Solved the issue!!

There was a problem with pins. I soldered the headers on the board and one of the pin was touching the small LCD display. !!