Intermitent Programming wireless shell

Totally weird issue with programming the wireless shell seems to have appeared.

I have set up a unit with s single sensor and used a 30second deep sleep cycle. Now when i try and reprogram the wireless shell it seems to be quite intermitend. After about 15 or so attempts it will reprogam if im lucky. There seems to be no real logic to this at all.

It works sometimes and other times it just keeps failing.

Well it turns out that this is cause by trying to use pins 2 and 15 for the I2C.
You cant use pins 21 and 22 for the SDA/SCL as the vext control is on pin 21.

So poking around trying to find another set of pins to use is proving rather interesting.
using 12 and 22 also will not work as 12 seems to be connected to memory and this results in a fatal error.

In normal opperation with a standard I2C device I dont think there would be an issue however with the MLX temperature sensor I am using if you put the sensor in to sleep one of the lines are pulled low and that cuases some issues.