Ideas needed for farm setup

My son has a farm with no electricity yet, that is being used to grow hops. I want to put water sensors in his irrigation lines, transmit small data packets to a hub and use a LORA gateway to send the data to the cloud. My question is what LORA products should I use to serve as remote sensor nodes, preferrable ESP32 or Arduino compatible and what LORAWAY gateway to use? I’d power everything using batteries. What batteries are suggested? Farthest distance from sensor to gateway is probably 250 meters. Thanks.

The simplest that could use a 16850 battery with solar recharging is the HTCC-AB01 Cube Cell or the CubeCell – Dev-Board (V2) Updated HTCC-AB01 with a 6502 CPU. For the Gateway, depends on whether you have a building that an indoor unit can use or if you have access to the internet outdoors, either way it will be over $100 and you will not be powering the gateway with batteries unless, like me, using cellular hotspot with 12 volt LiFePO4 Battery and solar to power the gateway and hotspot setup.