I2c failure when connecting 3 sensors on the same bus, placa Heltec Htcc.ab02

Hello, I am using the heltec htcc ab02 board and I have a problem in the i2c port, I am using GPIO8 and GPIO9 for communication, I am using three sensors for my project but when connecting all three at the same time it begins to give errors in the values ​​of the sensors, but when I leave 2 sensors connected, the values ​​do work normally, what can this problem be related to?

We probably need a little more information here—what sensors are being used, what ones work together and what ones don’t and, probably most importantly in the first instance, what are their respective hardware addresses?

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Thanks for your prompt response

The sensors I am using are:
SCD30 0x67
Nicla Sense ADRR 80
MAX30102 0x57

All the sensors work but only when 2 of them are connected, whether nicla-scd30, nicla-max30102 or scd30-max30102 with 2 sensors connected it works but when the third sensor is added the values ​​no longer respond

Well, it’s not something I’ve ever seen on an I2C bus, but do the sensors each have their own pull-up resistors? (Under normal circumstances, there would be a pull-up resistor on each bus line (SCL & SDA), but there may be a problem if there are several, adding up to ‘too much’…)

The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head might be the current draw of the sensors… If the draw of all three together is ‘too much’, that may be the problem.

Hola Pete muchas gracias por tu respuesta, poniendo resistencias pull-up de 3.3k ohm pude solucionar el problema