I2c failure on node151

I have two (2) version 2.2 Node151s running the same code. Attached on PB7/SDA1 and PB6/SCL1 I have a BMP280 sensor. On one node it works without problems. One the second node, it fails to find/initialize the sensor on the I2C bus. I have moved the same BMP280 sensor between nodes and it is never found/initialized on the second node. The code is the same. The sensor is the same. The only difference is the Node151. The code is based on the LoRaWAN_151CC_ADC_V1.1 example and I am using STM32IDE.

Is this a known failure with the Node151? The STM32L151 does not appear to be misbehaving.
STM32L151 serial number is 72E7973463A0.

I am going to purchase another one from Amazon, but another failure will force me to find a different vendor for the project I am currently under contract to deliver.


We haven’t had this problem before. Node 151 has two sets of I2C. You can try the other one first.

I just received a replacement Node151 from Amazon and the i2c is working correctly. Chalk is up to a defective unit. Thanks for the reply.