HTTC-AB02S V1.1 GPS-Fix-Time differs greatly 3Min vs. 16 Min

I testet two new CubeCell GPS Boards V1.1!
I had a problems with one CubeCell GPS Board V1.1!

I programmed both boards with the example programm oledDisplayGPSInfo with modification in setup: Air530.setmode(MODE_GPS_GLONASS);

Arduino-IDE 1.13; CubeCell Framework 1.2

One modul had a GPS-Fix after ca. 3 minutes, the other after 16 minutes (outdoor)!

Here an uncut video of the different gps-fix-time!

What is wrong with one module?



Hi, I have been trying with the same configuration but using also Beidu and also outdoor, i get always less than 20 s in get the gps data in Spain, when i try with GPS_GLONASS i get something like a minute to get the data, but never more than 2 minutes.

Hello Miguemoralesp,
of course, the direct environment, clear view of the horizon has a certain influence on how quickly a GPS fix occurs!

But here it is striking that the same modules under identical outdoor conditions reproducibly show these clear differences in the time until the GPS fix!