HTTC-AB01 newbie question. Not recognizing join acceptance

I’m using a Rakwireless 2245 Pi HAT as my LoraWAN gateway to the Things Network. This is working with other ESP 32 end devices so I’m satisfied my gateway is working.

I’m testing out an HTTC-AB01 device and running the example LoRaWan arduino program. The device sends out a join request. The gateway detects the join request with two messages:

Accept join-request
Forward join-request message

However, the AB01 believes the join fails and is stuck in a loop retrying the join every 30 seconds.

I’m still quite new to LoraWAN and TTN, and would appreciate some suggestions how to troubleshoot.

– Brian

I found the answer myself.

I’m in Canada and therefore using the US902-928 frequency plan. The gateway I’m connecting to uses Sub Band 2/TTN, which I understand is the standard used by TTN gateways here.

This means the userChannelsMask needs to be modified to:

Hopefully this saves someone else from a lot of headache!

Thanks for posting this it solved my problem too.