HTTC-AB01 downlink data always failed

how to receiver data. we can transmit data to ChripStack with v0.0.7 library
but download link can’t receive any data from server

this my receive code from your example (LoRaWan_downlinkdatahandle)
//downlink data handle function example
void downLinkDataHandle(McpsIndication_t *mcpsIndication)
Serial.printf("+REV DATA:%s,RXSIZE %d,PORT %d\r\n",mcpsIndication->RxSlot?“RXWIN2”:“RXWIN1”,mcpsIndication->BufferSize,mcpsIndication->Port);
Serial.print("+REV DATA:");
for(uint8_t i=0;iBufferSize;i++)
uint32_t color=mcpsIndication->Buffer[0]<<16|mcpsIndication->Buffer[1]<<8|mcpsIndication->Buffer[2];

how have you triggered chirpstack to send a downlink message?
i dont see a downlink in your screenshot


okay. this my send message screenshot

when enable confirmed downlink will recive an ack

but serial console no data

more testing screenshot

Your serial console says unconfirmed sending.
Try to trigger a downlink with chirpstack and look at the serial console

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hello @wasn,

maybe I missed something
but I have trigger a downlink on chirpstack
you can check the below picture again,

the serial console always says " unconfirmed sending." due to the example code have send date to chirpstack, and I check chirpstack have got the tx data
my question is the MTCC-AB01 can’t receive any data from chirpstack
even I trigger downlink enqueue

maybe I doing some wrong steps
would you help me to clear the issues?
use v0.0.7 and run example code “LoRaWan_downlinkdatahandle.ino”

On which port are you sending?

uplink using port 2(same example code) or port 3
I try port 3-10 and port 40 port 60 for downlink