HTIT-WB32LAF question


I recently bought 5 Heltec WiFi LoRa 868Mhz devices.
The ones I received are marked ‘HTIT-WB32LAF’ on the back.
Question: are these the 470-510 MHz version?..


The [863~928] ones I have have both HTIT-WB32LA and HTIT-WB32LAF marked on the back, but there is a resistor adjacent to the HTIT-WB32LA text (and just two ‘vacant’ solder pads adjacent to the HTIT-WB32LAF text). These are only the V3 modules, not the V3.1 ones, so things may have changed.

The problem I have with these new ones, comparing with my slightly older ones which are marked 'WiFi_LoRa_32_V3", is that after flashing the meshtastic firmare, they crash in a loop, something related to bluetooth initialization it seems…
The older ones are working perfectly, with the exact same firmware… I tried multiple versions of course…
Might be a faulty batch?..

If they’re all failing the same way, my first reaction would be that Heltec has changed something between the V3 and V3.1 boards without telling us or modifying the necessary support code (i.e. a [Heltec] software, rather than hardware problem). Unfortunately, Heltec has form in this regard…

Sometimes you can get to the bottom of the problem if the relevant error message identifies a particular [library] file. If you’re up to it, that would then involve working through the relevant configuration file or piece of code and modifying it as required. These things are often just [internal] configuration issues rather than fundamental coding problems.