HTCC-AC0X stop working (bootloader?)

After normal operation for a couple days the capsule stop to report data.
I connect to the computer and with serial monitor and after press reset button I only get one line message.
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No more.
If I press button again I get same message.

I upload the scketch again, upload find but after upload I get same message.

I attach screen shoot.

For better low power consumption, when RX pin is low, the CubeCell does not open the serial port.
You can try to modify the following code as " if(1)"(CubeCell manager V1.0), and then see if there is more information printing on the serial port.

Hello friend, thanks but you miss tell me in what file I have to make that change?

sorry.The file path is “…\cores\asr650x\Serial\HardwareSerial.cpp” in your CubeCell development path.