HTCC-AB02S not working with basic program CCS811 - Please Help

Hi all,

I have been trying to use the " ](" as I decided to buy a CCS811.

Could anyone explain me what pins shall I use? I have seen that it’s using the GPIO0 and GPIO4.

The sensor has the following connections.

@jasonXu Could you help me please?


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It is GPIO0, and you can modify to your want.

you can also refer this code:

Hi @jasonXu,

Thanks for your help now I can see more clearly but I have another question about this program. What is the GPI04 doing? it just going from low, high and then low.

Thanks for your help.

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this code is writen for ab01. you can modify to you want.

Hi @jasonXu,

Thanks for your help once again.

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