HTCC-AB02S newbie question! Serial Port

Hello everyone, I’m new with the HTCC-AB02S cubecell board and I want to connect a SIM800L module to it… but I can’t get the serial port (RX, TX)… i need it to handle AT commands.

note: RX1 TX1 and RX2 TX2 ports are not working

You can try an example first.

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I tried with all the examples and I couldn’t… it’s something about the serial port that isn’t working for me, I didn’t receive any response with those codes

You can first connect the two htcc-ab02s serial ports to test the serial port’s transceiver.

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Sorry to totally suggest different hardware but do you know about the TTGO 7000G? It has a LoRa Hat, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPRS, GPS…everything you could ever want in one device. AT commands are super simple.

I was doing something similar to you before I found it.

I do use the HTCC-AB02S also but just for transmitting GPS / sensor data via LoRa to Helium.